Ryan Hemsworth & Lucas – “Angel”

Ryan Hemsworth’s Secret Songs series is like a toy box full of twinkly, bloopy, genre-blurring electronic music, and he uses it to showcase the talents of other like-minded bedroom producers. One of those producers is the Seattle-based Lucas, who released his song “Keep U Warm” as Secret Songs’ 8th installment last year. Now, Hemsworth is linking up with Lucas again for a full collaborative EP, Taking Flight, which will be the first project of his own to be released through his Secret Songs label. A press release says that the EP “revisits a kindred sonic palette to 2014’s Alone For The First Time,” and sure enough, as always, first single “Angel,” that premiered on Billboard today, taps right into the gooey emotional center of left-field electronic music. It begins as a warm little bit of glitchy ambience before blooming into a full-on electro-acoustic pocket symphony, complete with digitized vocal coos and toy lasergun noises. It’s at once deeply comforting and a little wistful, and it basically sounds like a tiny robot enjoying a lazy Sunday in bed, watching a sunny day pass by through the window. Crawl under the covers below.

Taking Flight EP tracklist:

01 “Angel”
02 “Long Time”
03 “From Grace”
04 “White Light”
05 “Cherished”
06 “U Remain”

Taking Flight is out 10/9 on Secret Songs.

Ryan Hemsworth & Lucas

[Photo by Brian Oh]

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