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Rootkit Jumps On Karma Fields For A Body Shaking Remix

Remember when that guy Karma Fields hacked into Monstercats’ live podcast, and blasted out a preview of his debut single “Build The Cities”? Well we’re still shocked and amazed with the skills and guts it took to pull of such a stunt, so when I heard we could get another taste of the action I wasn’t going to say no.

For the second official remix comes Rootkit’s future rendition of “Build The Cities”. To say this guy is talented is a gross understatement, as every genre he makes he absolutely nails, whether future bass or dark house; and this remix is certainly his best yet. With a clean-cut bass line and a breakdown that is sure to get your body shaking.

Pre-Order this and the rest of the “Build The Cities (Reconstructions)” here.

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