Regal Degal – “Ruining My Life”

We named Brooklyn’s Regal Degal a Band To Watch way back in 2010, before they released their debut cassette, Format Worth, and were still playing shows at the now-defunct DIY showspace Death By Audio (RIP). Since then, the band has released a full-length LP titled Pyramid Bricks, which they will follow up this year with their sophomore record, Not Now. The debut single, “Delicious,” proved that Regal Degal ditched some of their darker post-punk roots in favor of a pop sensibility, but their vocal affect is still as echoing, voluminous, as ever. The same goes for the band’s newest single, “Ruining My Life,” which lyrically reads as a deeply flawed self-help book. Listen below.

Not Now is out 5/19 via Terrible Records.

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