Purple – “Let Me Stay”

Luis Dourado is the Portugal-via-Berlin producer and songwriter Purple, and hence the sole European member of Shlohmo’s WEDIDIT crew. Perhaps coming from a background steeped in electronic music is where he got the impetus to push beats and synths until they splinter into darkness. His songs are much more nuanced and fractured than most that emerge from American culture, where electronic music caught on in the mainstream relatively recently compared to overseas. Purple’s newest track “Let Me Stay” is a barebones, self-aware plea, a song that seems cognizant of its own impossibility. The underlying element in all of his songs — “Never Come Back,” “The Deepest Night” — is this fractured, pulsing darkness, and his debut album Silence & Remorse is a fairly literal interpretation of that name. Dark moments need expression, too. Listen.

Silence & Remorse is out today via WEDIDIT. Get it here.

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