Public Access T.V. – “Metropolis”

When the Nashville-based punk band Be Your Own Pet broke up in 2008, John Eatherly moved to New York City and began to play music with various established artists before he decided to start a new band. Public Access T.V. emerged last year, and though they’ve done a good job honing an antique aesthetic, the band’s affinity for ’70s pop rock doesn’t sound derivative; it’s more like a pointed nod. There’s something definitively old-school about the band’s song structures, and the vibrating vocal distortion on tracks like “Metropolis” only heightens that sensibility. Though the songs are quite different, “Metropolis” reminds me a bit of Foxygen’s “No Destruction,” with its pointed declaration, “There’s no need to be an asshole, you’re not in Brooklyn anymore.” Alternatively, “Metropolis” rides the New York-centric wave, “And I don’t wanna live in California/ I’d take New York any day.” Terrible Records will release Public Access T.V.’s debut EP in the spring, and “Metropolis” is the first single. Listen to it below.

Public Access T.V.’s debut EP is out this spring via Terrible.

via Stereogum

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