Psychic Blood – “Blur World”

Psychic Blood (short for Psychedelic Bloodbaths) hail from Western Mass, a locale that has spawned an inordinate number of insanely great, caustic rock bands. The band’s forthcoming album, Alien, is soon to be released by the folks at Wharf Cat Records, the label responsible for putting out material by the Ukiah Drag, Blanche Blanche Blanche, Dads, the Sediment Club, Joey Pizza Slice, Parquet Courts, and more. Though the title calls to mind extraterrestrial life forms, this album promises to be an introspective collection of songs deeply concerned with feeling alienated from society and from oneself. “Blur World” is the first post-punk-tinged single; listen below.

Alien is out 9/18 via Wharf Cat Records.

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