Preview Ryan Adams’ Cover Of Taylor Swift’s “Out Of The Woods”

Yesterday morning, we learned that Ryan Adams had spent the previous night embarking on a fascinating an unlikely project: He was covering all of Taylor Swift’s massive pop album 1989, making it sound vaguely like the Smiths and recording all of it. That first night, he recorded his versions of the first three songs on the album. And last night, he kept going with it, recording at least two of Swift’s songs, “Out Of The Woods” and “All You Had To Do Was Stay.” And he was nice enough to share quick audio clips of these radically altered versions of the songs. (It looks like he’s also done with a “spooky” version of “Shake It Off,” which “sounds like it could have been in True Detective in a driving scene or smthng.”) Thus far, everything sounds pretty amazing. Below, preview Adams’ covers and check out his progress, as he’s been documenting it on Twitter and Instagram.

#1989 : ) Ready for night two. Stoked to dig in to these jams. So much going on in those songs. Truly a badass, thru & thru. XO

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Tracking "Out of the woods" on this old Estey pump organ. Such a pretty song. #1989

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Seriously, this might be my most anticipated album for the rest of the year.

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