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Premiere: Watch Oscar Key Sung’s ‘Skip’

Like his name, Oscar Key Sung is made up of more than one part. The Melbourne producer and vocalist captures the glory of RnB's past but filters it through a world of 2015 pop. 

In media releases he drops references to Estonian minimalist composer Arvo Pärt alongside Drake and has played in Japan as well as open mic night at a Brunswick pizza joint. 

As well as flying solo, Oscar has collaborated with artists Andras Fox, Banoffee, Cassius Select and Mercury Music Prize-nominated mc Ghostpoet and Brooklyn-based artist MeLo-X for their MELOGHOST project.

In the video for “Skip”, taken from his forthcoming EP Altruism, it’s just Oscar, his bike and the dark night.

Filmed in the streets of Collingwood, the video is a collaboration between Oscar and Ryan Alexander Lloyd and adds an extra haunting dimension to his lyrical exposition. 

We caught up with Oscar to find out more loitering around darkened streets.

Noisey: Hanging around the streets of Collingwood late at night. Is this your new delinquent look?
Oscar Key Sung: Hanging around overthinking stuff and riding around at night all lonely is my og look. I've been repping that one far too long. I guess this is just the first time I've allowed myself to be real in a solo clip. 

I like the phone message beep too. It had me reaching for my pocket.
The beep is funny hey?  It started off as an accident, but I had to keep it in there because it suits the world of the track. In that's it's both overconfident and melodramatic to the point of being funny.

The end is quite dramatic and dark. Who came up with that idea? 
The ending was Ryan's idea. It could be dark but also could be symbolic, It’s steeped in mystery in that way. As is the rest of the subplot at play in the video and in the music. When it comes down to it I want people to interpret the plot for themselves.

'Altruism' is available May 1. 


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