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PREMIERE: Let’s Get Weird with of Montreal’s Video for “Bassem Sabry”

Just in time for your Tuesday morning WTF session, of Montreal are back with their first video off the band’s recent album Aureate Gloom (which, by the way, is the group’s 13th album—isn’t that crazy?). It’s for “Bassem Sabry,” a glorious pop song that feels like the sun you forgot existed during this tumultuous winter. In typical of Montreal fashion, the video is a wacky collection of everything from people playing in the woods to dancing through rivers to pouring milk on breasts to wearing flower masks. We don’t want to deduct the art of this video to drugs and say the word “acid” because that's not fair to the creators, but we gotta be real: this kinda makes us feel like we’re on acid? Anyway, of the video, of which the majority was shot on Super 8 film, director Ben Rouse says: “I tend to peg myself as a photographer, so in many ways this project was a really beautiful boot camp into an entirely new medium. It's my first music video…so it was a massive learning experience and chance to make something exciting and meaningful with our friends. I felt very inspired by Věra Chytilová’s Daisies, Stan Brakhage’s Mothlight, and Jean Cocteau’s Le Sang d'un Poète.”

Watch "Bassem Sabry" below.

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