Prefuse 73 – “Search The Sky”

Guillermo Scott Herren, the producer who records as Prefuse 73, started out as a backpack-rap deconstructionist and then fell in love with Spanish folk music, and it’s hard to know what to call his music anymore. He’s been quiet for the past few years, but thus far this year, he’s already released one EP, Forsyth Garden, and one album, Rivington Não Rio. Now he’s got a third release coming out, the new EP Every Color Of Darkness, and it’s meant to complete the triptych. The first track he’s shared from it is called “Search The Sky,” and it’s a softly lilting groove that splinters into pieces and then glues itself back together over and over in less than three minutes. Check it out below.

Every Color Of Darkness is out 7/10 on Temporary Residence.

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