Prankster Covers Adam Levine In Sugar Outside Jimmy Kimmel

Maroon 5 have a new single called “Sugar.” And so when frontman Adam Levine was arriving at Jimmy Kimmel Live to perform the song, some joker apparently ran at Levine and threw powdered sugar all over him, covering his clothes and one side of his face. This is obviously next-level pun work; we’re dealing with a master here.

Amazingly, this does not appear to be some sort of prank from the Kimmel camp. TMZ reports that security detained the sugar-bomber until police arrived and arrested him for battery. And The Hollywood Reporter claims that the same guy was arrested just last week for throwing a rock at Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Where will this celebrity-pranking wordplay mastermind strike next? If I were American Pie star Jason Biggs, I’d watch my back.

Levine got cleaned up and played the show with no problems.

I feel so bad for #ADAMLEVINE #MAROON5 #hollywood #jimmykimmel #jimmykimmellive

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