Potty Mouth – “Cherry Picking”

We haven’t heard from Massachusetts DIY punks and Band To Watch Pottymouth since they covered a song from the Freaky Friday soundtrack on last year’s Faux Real compilation. But now FADER reports that the band has slimmed down to become a trio and changed up its sound, going for a sharp and clean pop-punk sound that contrasts with the rickety lo-fi of their 2013 debut Hell Bent. Later this month, the band will release a new self-titled EP that they recorded with Sleater-Kinney producer John Goodmanson, and the first song we’ve heard from it is “Cherry Picking,” a sharp and catchy-as-hell song that would’ve ruled alt-rock radio in 1995, though it would’ve confused a primitive people who would’ve had no idea what the word “fleek” meant. Listen to it below.

Potty Mouth is out 8/21 on the band’s own Planet Whatever label.

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