Popcaan – “Never Sober”

Jamaican dancehall prodigy Popcaan is on the fast track to mainstream success in America, and not just because of feel-good anthems like Jamie xx’s “I Know There’s Gonna Be (Good Times).” Popcaan just enlisted Drake for a moment of thanksgiving on “Unruly Prayer,” and his latest song trades penitence for partying. “Never Sober”‘s subject matter is pretty self-explanatory. What isn’t explanatory at all is the way he can make his voice move up and down with the uncanny fluidity of a Slinky; switching up his flow to slice through the glitched-out, airy-synth production like a machete. Especially when he says he’s gonna “drink green soda” — I’m not sure if that’s a Jamaican specialty or just a funny, specific claim that he’s making. Either way, I want to drink some too. Popcaan, come party.

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Mike Hawk
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