PINS – “Molly” (First Listen)

After the sulky brooding of initial single “Too Little Too Late” and the dreamy flurry of “Young Girls” PINS are somewhere in between the two for their third single “Molly.” Casual drug joke references aside, the song is a moody, suggestive track that broods by on a bubbling guitar that eventually hijacks the song. The Manchester quartet zone out for about a minute midway through, losing themselves in the music and abandoning lyrics all together. When they return, it’s in pristine, haunting four-part harmony that adds an air of reckoning to the already-ominous chant “Wild nights/ with Molly” whirring at the center of this song. At least we can definitely pinpoint this hypnotizing, sinuous melody as the impetus for the record’s title. It seems like every new song from PINS peels back a new layer or tackles another mood; they possess a knack for diversity that belies their rather short time working together as a band. Listen.

Wild Nights is out 6/9 via Bella Union. Pre-order it here.

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