PC Music Releases Singles Comp PC Music Volume 1

PC Music has become an inescapable sensation over the past two years on the strength of a handful of one-offs and mixes, but they’re beginning to solidify themselves a bit more. Starting that process off is Volume 1, the first full-length compilation from the collective. (Notably, it’s some of the first music of theirs that have the option to pay for, signifying their move from netlabel to IRL label.) Though they’ve been given a bit of a polish, there’s no new tracks here — outside of GFOTY’s “USA,” which has shown up in a few of her mixes — but it is a great collection of songs. For a group so young, it’s a testament to their greatness that this is so strong. And it even leaves off a few of personal favorites. (Where’s Spinee?!) If you’ve been holding off on jumping on the PC Music train for whatever reason, this is as good a primer as any. You can listen to it via Spotify below.

PC Music: Volume 1 is also available on iTunes. The collective is coming to Brooklyn on 5/8 for a performance called POPCUBE as part of Red Bull Music Academy New York.

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