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P Diddy Net Worth

P Diddy has an estimated net worth of about $750 million.


Let’s see how he has almost become Hip Hop’s first billionaire.


Sean J. Combs, born on November 4, 1969 in the Harlem neighborhood of New York, of an African-American mother and a Haitian father moved to Mount Vernon after his father’s death, shot dead after a deal that turned badly at Central Park who was associated with Frank Lucas (the drug godfather of New York). Combs played american football at Mount Saint Michael Academy. In 1986, his team won the championship and he graduated in 1987. He studied at Howard University in Washington, DC, but was not much interested. He then joined Uptown Entertainment.


In 1991, he discovered the group Jodeci and Pierre Lugori Haitien and Eazy Mike. He decided, two years later, to found his own label, named Bad Boy Records. At the end of 1993, Sean Combs discovered Faith Evans and the legend, Notorious BIG (real name Christopher Wallace aka “Biggie” or “BIG”) who sees his career take off thanks to Puff, and raps in the streets of Brooklyn with him. Making real epic performances with Jay-Z, Nas and even Michael Jackson, BIG will allow Puff to increase his notoriety as a producer. From that moment, the two friends will not leave each other. So, a few years later, in 1995, this friendship with Puff Daddy will allow him to set up a group: it is the birth of the Junior MAFIA (Junior Masters At Finding Intelligent Attitudes) collective, notably Lil’Cease, And the one that will become the queen of Hip-Hop, Kimberly Denise Jones, aka Lil ‘Kim. With the Junior M.A.F.I.A, P. Diddy and Biggie then dominated the world of rap (competing with the West Coast). The young Lil ‘Kim, a former homeless and stripper in poorly attended clubs in the poor neighborhoods of Bed Stuy (Brooklyn, NYC), will then be solicited to accompany the two stars on their tour. The three friends then become the most famous trio in the Hip Hop world, and racking up the hits, Biggie is going to turn into a living legend, Lil ‘Kim in a more than adulated rapper and Puff into a multi-millionaire.


Puff Daddy will, a few months later, produce Lil ‘Kim’s first album, now known under the nickname of Queen Bee. Brooklyn’s crazy rascal will prove that she can also hypnotize the public in solo, without Junior M.A.F.I.A, and that she is able to write both intellectual and sexual lyrics. Indeed, while rap was still an art reserved more or less for men, Puff will allow young Kimberly to express herself, to show that women also can express themselves, show their strength on political or philosophical topics, but also talk about sex and drugs, as well as about everyday life. Then came the more or less feminist movement led by Queen Bee and the other rising female rappers, Missy Elliott, Da Brat, Queen Latifah and MC Lyte. To thank Puff Daddy for having opened the way, the five friends will sign on Diddy’s Bad Boy label.


In 1997, after the death of Biggie, who was murdered coldly in the streets of Los Angeles, the producer dedicates himself to his career as an artist and releases No Way Out under the alias of Puff Daddy. It is a huge success. The album goes seven times platinum especially thanks to the singles I’ll Be Missing You – title co-written with the two women that Biggie had loved most, Faith Evans and Lil ‘Kim, and whose lyrics and music sample the song “Every Breath You Take” from The Police, “Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down, It’s All About The Benjamins, Been Around The World and Victory” who were all No. 1 at one point. Under the influence of this first solo album, Puff Daddy becomes one of the biggest producers of the United States with his production house Bad Boy Records. He collaborates with 112, Ma$e, Boyz II Men and Mariah Carey. He became, at that time, the richest rapper in the world with a fortune estimated at more than 585 million dollars.


In 1998, he recorded for the film Godzilla with the song “Come With Me” with Jimmy Page, a song produced by the EPIC / Sony Music Soundtrax label that is not on any of his studio albums, taking over a Kashmir riff from Led Zeppelin. He also creates his own brand of street wear clothing, Sean John.


In 1999, the artist returns in the Charts with his new album Forever. The fans are disappointed by the lack of creativity of this album which therefore suffers a failure. On April 15, 1999, he was accused of beating an officer of Interscope Records; However, Puff Daddy will get away with it. As a couple with actress and singer Jennifer Lopez, in December 1999, they accidentally witness a shooting outside a bar in New York. Sean Combs was then charged with possession of a prohibited weapon. He is acquitted but J-Lo leaves him. Decided to turn the page, Puff Daddy changed his name to P. Diddy and released a gospel albumin 2001 called Thank You.


In 2003, P. Diddy released Bad Boys II OST, the soundtrack of the movie Bad Boys 2 with Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. This album features all of Hip Hop greatest artists and it’s success makes him the richest rap artist. Nevertheless, he continued to work for the hip hop industry, of which he is now one of the most important producers. In 2005, he changed his stage name again and became Diddy, considering that P. was a barrier between him and his fans.


It was finally in October 2006 that Diddy made his big comeback with his new album entitled Press Play. Diddy and his partner Kim Porter have just separated. Indeed, they had met in 1994 and had decided to form a couple. That did not prevent our bad boy from deceiving her with Jennifer Lopez and more recently with the actress Sienna Miller (the ex of Jude Law). Kim Porter believes that their relationship led to nothing since he did not want to marry her, which led her to leave him. She is the mother of his three children, Christian and twins Jessie James and Da Lila Star. Sean also has a son Justin from another mother, and a girl Chance from another woman as well.


In 2006 he released his first perfume which is named Unforgivable. He was elected Best Fragrance of the Year by the Fragrance Foundation.


Diddy has been part of the very closed clan of stars who have their star engraved on the Walk of Fame, the famous sidewalk of Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles. It is the 2362nd star. He is the second hip-hop artist to receive such an honor after Queen Latifah in 2006.


While co-producing for artist Ryan Leslie’s Next Selection label, Diddy is suspected of having a relationship with Cassie, one of the label’s flagship artists.


Diddy recently became the manager of Rick Ross and Nicki Minaj.


In addition to having his own record label and clothing line, he agreed to help develop the Cîroc vodka for a 50 percent share of the company’s profits. Combs also has a major stake in Revolt TV, a television network that also has it’s own movie production branch.


In February 2015, Combs along with the help of actor Mark Wahlberg and businessman Ronald Burkle, purchase a majority holding in Aquahydrate, a calorie-free beverage for athletes.


With a reported net worth of 750 million, Diddy is Hip Hop’s richest artist.

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