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P Diddy Net Worth? Diddy Becomes Hip Hop’s First Billionaire

P. Diddy surpasses Dr. Dre and Jay Z as he becomes hip hop’s first billionaire!


P. Diddy released a short video in which he announced, with great pride, that he was finally a billionaire. This is the first rapper to cross this course. This information is to be taken with tongs since since 2015, Diddy no longer makes music.


Much of this fortune comes to him from the artists signed in his label like Notorious B.I.G but above all from his different business. In 24 years, Sean John Combs has become the rapper with the most money in the history of Hip-Hop.


“I started out as a young boy from Harlem that couldn’t even be a waiter. They don’t want you to be a waiter,” he enthusiastically yelled. “So you know what I did? I became a billionaire.”


In 2015, Forbes magazine unveiled the ranking of the richest rappers and Diddy was already in the top position with 750 million dollars in the bank. In an advertisement for his brand of mineral water that he launched in 2013 with Mark Wahlberg (Ted) and of which he owns 20% of shares, the 47-year-old businessman announced that he has recently become a billionaire.

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