ON AN ON – “It’s Not Over”

Life is long, hard, and ultimately meaningless. Few things can effectively distract us from that fact. The two that do it best, though, are love and pop music. If you’ve been focusing too hard lately on the marching stretch of daily life’s mundane toil — ON AN ON’s fireball-pop love declaration “It’s Not Over” will jolt you out of that slump. This song makes the dance floor sound like a white-hot paradise for two, where every moment has that cuddle-in-bed safety and giggle lacework of absolute trust. Nate Eiesland, Ryne Estwing, and Alissa Ricci have concocted a gutsy, super-synth explosion of wide-eyed ’80s nostalgia that yearns with Hall & Oates adoration. Put this in the right hands and it’ll be dominating the radio for the rest of the year. Listen below and check out “Drifting” for more from ON AND ON.

And The Wave Has Two Sides is out later this year via Roll Call Records.

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