Oh Land – “Earth Sick” Live Video (First Listen)

Danish-born, Brooklyn-based singer/producer Nanna Øland Fabricius — aka Oh Land — released Earth Sick, her fourth collection of cinematic electro-pop songs, last year. Now, as a part of Swatch and PledgeMusic’s Emerging Artist Series, she’s sharing a new live video of its title track. The intimate performance digs right into the emotional core of the song; Fabricius wields the stick for her electronic drum pad more like a witch’s wand, summoning forth something deep and elemental. Videos of live performances aren’t usually distinguished by their artfulness — they often tend to be competent but simple point-and-shoot type affairs — but this one is downright pretty, slowly wandering around a room full of black and white chess pieces and layering a ghostly double of Fabricius over herself. Watch it below.

Earth Sick is out now via Tusk Or Tooth.

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