O-Face – “740 Turbo”

You’ll always have a special attachment to the car you drove during high school. Mine was a hand-me-down baby blue Saturn. It was a lot better than the shitheaps that most of my friends were driving, but it was still ugly as all hell and never seemed to work right. And I miss the stupid thing a lot. For O-Face’s Seth Sobottka, it was a Volvo Turbo 740. On their new song named after that model, he calls it a “luxury station wagon” and, if you’ve ever seen one of those boxy babies, it’s decidedly not. But it makes sense that it would feel that way. Your first car is a rite of passage, at least if you grew up in the suburbs, and it comes with a world of possibilities. The promise of access to the open road beyond the confines of your hometown is an intoxicating thing when you’re a teenager. “Baby, you can drive my car” could be read as a euphemism, but follow that up with “we can go wherever you want,” and it’s really more about how fun it is to take a long drive with someone you like and get to know them a little bit better. O-Face capture that feeling of limitless well. Listen below.

Mint is out 6/2 via Father/Daughter Records/Miscreant Records. You can preorder it here or here.

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