Nicki Minaj Regrets Not Taking Drake’s Advice To Dump Meek

Nicki Minaj blames herself for not dumping Meek a year ago.


Nicki Minaj says Drake tried to warn her about Meek Mill.

Nicki blames herself for not taking Drake‘s advice a year ago when he apparently suggested she should leave the Philly rapper.


A source close to Nicki said, “Meek Mill really is a tired, immature little boy. Nicki’s kicking her own ass right now for not listening to Drake when he told her to take out the trash years ago.”


Meek drew attention last Saturday at a concert in Philadelphia where he proclaimed that he was single and added, “I’m back on my own again. F**k these b***hes.” Nicki had been dodging Meek’s comments the past couple weeks but this time he went too far. Sources say Nicki said, “Meek’s a coward, and she would have more respect for him if he told her that to her face like a real G,” and that she was putting money in his books while he was in jail and being at his beck and call when he was on house arrest. They also mentioned “She would have saved herself a lot. But she learned from this. She knows she’s ready to be a mother! All she did was take care of Meek in every way, including his rap career.”

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