Nav Releases Tracklist For His Debut Album

Nav just shared the tracklist for his upcoming self titled album.


His debut album will be dropping on Friday February 24th. The album consists of 11 tracks with The Weeknd being the only feature.  He also has production help from Metro Boomin, DannyBoy Styles and Rex Kudo.


NAV Tracklist:
1. “Myself” (Prod. by NAV)
2. “NAV” (Prod. by Nav and DannyBoy Styles)
3. “My Mind” (Prod. by NAV)
4. “Good For It” (Prod. by NAV)
5. “Lonely” (Prod. by Nav and Rex Kudo)
6. “Up” (Prod. by NAV and Metro Boomin)
7. “Interlude” (Prod. by NAV)
8. “Sleep” (Prod. by NAV)
9. “Mariah” (Prod. by NAV and Rex Kudo)
10. “Some Way” Feat. The Weeknd (Prod. by NAV)
11. “TTD” (Prod. by NAV)


Nav also gave us an update on his joint project with big name producer Metro Boomin. The project will be called Perfect Timing although we don’t have a release date as of yet.


NAV’s debut will be released though XO/Republic Records, which means he’s probably signed to The Weeknd’s label.

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