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Mysteryland USA Artist Spotlight: Space Jesus

As Mysteryland dawns upon us I felt it would only be fitting that I fill you guys in on the set I am most anticipating. This dude Space Jesus has one of the most unique sounds I have heard in a hot minute, I love it! If you’re into bass and I’m going to go ahead and assume that most of you are, then you will definitely rock with this. The producer out of Brooklyn is on a quick come up and if being on the ML bill is no indication then the way his music is steadily evolving surely is. I’ve heard some refer to him as a baby Bassnectar which is understandable, the sounds/clips he perfectly incorporates into his songs is sort of similar to what Lorin does. You can find me at his set from 2:00-3:00 pm on Saturday at The Boat, actually to be 100 you can find me here all weekend because good god that lineup. If you were on the fence about ML and you’re one of those people who like to wait until hours before to decide on a festival this here is reason number 1,952 to go ahead and cop those tickets. We will have more from Yung Jafar coming your way very soon but until then go ahead and turn this way up.

Mysteryland USA | Emerging Artists #5 | Space Jesus

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