Myrkur – “Hævnen”

Myrkur’s forthcoming debut LP has been one of my most-anticipated records of 2015 based on (A) her excellent 2014 self-titled EP, and (B) the news that the full-length would be co-produced by Kristoffer “Garm” Rygg, the genius behind Norwegian black-metal/avant-garde pioneers Ulver. The project’s backstory is super labyrinthine, but basically, Myrkur is the black-metal alias of Denmark-born Amelie Bruun, who also serves as one-half of the very good indie-pop duo Ex Cops; Myrkur’s music to date has been strongly influenced by Ulver, especially that band’s 1995 debut LP, Bergtatt, one of my favorite records of all time. Anyway, Myrkur’s new album’s details have just been announced: It’s called M; it’s out in August; it was recorded with Garm in various locations in Norway; and it includes contributions from members of Mayhem (most notably the band’s current guitarist and sonic architect Morten “Teloch” Iversen) as well as former Arch Enemy guitarist Christopher Amott. Myrkur also just released the album’s first single, “Hævnen,” which you can hear below. It’s much doomier than anything off the debut; it shreds much harder in the harsh-vocal sections and drifts to far prettier places in the choral-vocal sections. In working with Garm, Myrkur actually seems to have shed a bunch of her old Ulver mannerisms, and sounds so much the better for it. Listen.

M is out 8/21 via Relapse.

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