Mutual Benefit – “Slow March (Demo)”

Sometimes, music subscription series are total horseshit — as Michael pointed out in his excellent take-down of TIDAL, and more recently, in his piece about why the VNYL service is such a mess — but sometimes, they’re well worth the money. Case in point: The Keep In Touch 7″ postcard series, which launched this past January, gives subscribers a new exclusive single each month of 2015. Ava Luna, TOPS, Big Ups, Ricky Eat Acid, Mitski, and Mutual Benefit have all contributed to the series, releasing an exclusive song to subscribers in the form of a flexi postcard each month. The artwork is uniquely chosen (and often illustrated) by the artist, and there’s a cute little nonsensical message written on the back. A demo version of Jordan Lee’s (Mutual Benefit) new song, “Slow March,” arrived in mailboxes earlier this year. Typically, the songs are exclusive to Keep In Touch subscribers, but “Slow March” has been made available now via SoundCloud. Keep in mind that it’s a demo version, meaning that we can hopefully expect a new release from Mutual Benefit in the near future. Listen below.

There are 180 Keep In Touch subscriptions left; you can order the series here. If ordered by the end of the month, subscribers will receive the postcards from January-May along with their June card.

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