Mute Forest – “Infinity Pools” (First Listen)

It may seem trite to call a piece of music a soundscape instead of a song, but in the case of Mute Forest (aka Kael Smith), it just seems accurate. The title track of his upcoming debut EP Infinity Pools — supposedly a companion piece to Deforestation, an LP also due later this year — unfurls less like a song and more like a damaged, half-audible transmission from some distant planet. Made up of subtly atmospheric electronics, samples of pots being struck, and vocals that sound affectless yet somehow still mournful, it begins with a hazy industrial lurch before settling into an ominous groove about two-thirds of the way in. When synths and what sounds like piano start to poke through the fog, the effect is something like watching a gray, drizzly dawn over a dystopian future-metropolis. Hear it below.

The Infinity Pools EP is out 4/7 via Lost Tribe Sound. Pre-order it at Bandcamp.

via Stereogum

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