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MKJ and Eightfold Release Masterful Remix via The Tipsy Tortoise

Some people say the flute is overused, some say the saxophone is. The truth is, they’re both beautiful instruments and when used correctly, they can create an amazing piece of tropical house music. That’s exactly what MKJaff and Eightfold have done in their new remix. The track, released by The Tipsy Tortoise to celebrate 30k SoundCloud followers, is an energetic tropical remix of Mandeh & GuitK’s “What I Might Do.” The song features a distinct flute melody as well as a supporting sax melody which helps the build up to the second drop. This remix has caught fire over the past few days so be sure to check it out and stay tuned for more from MKJaff, Eightfold and The Tipsy Tortoise.

Mandeh & GuitK – What I Might Do (MKJ & Eightfold Remix) | Download | <3 on Hypem

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