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[Mixtape] Problem – Mollywood 3: The Relapse (Deluxe Edition) (iTunes)

Both Sides With Bonus!

01 The Re-Arrival
02 Relapse
03 Big Boss Daddy (feat. Bad Lucc)
04 No More
05 Automatic (feat. Stoney Tha Dealer)
06 Servin (feat. Stoney Tha Dealer)
07 New Bitch (feat. Stoney Tha Dealer & Bad Lucc)
08 Broke Down the Weed 3
09 Sh*t Be Happenin (feat. Stoney Tha Dealer & Bad Lucc)
10 Use 2 (feat. Bad Lucc)
11 Feedback (feat. Bad Lucc)
12 Make Me Say (Ay Yi Yi) [feat. Bad Lucc]
13 White Riviera (feat. Stoney Tha Dealer)
14 Still Mine
15 #FindYouAMirror (feat. Stoney Tha Dealer)
16 Ftsoy (feat. 12Til)
17 Finna Bust (feat. Bad Lucc)
18 Enemy (feat. Bad Lucc)
19 Y’all Can’t Tell Me This Ain’t Right
20 Bleezy Flow (feat. Bad Lucc, Que & StoneyThaDealer)

01 Wake Up (Interlude) [feat. Slick]
02 Show Off (feat. Manolo Rose & Bad Lucc)
03 Thuggin In My Yesterdays (feat. Bad Lucc)
04 This Is My Life (feat. AD)
05 Waist My Time (feat. Stoney Tha Dealer, Iamsu!, Bad Lucc & MyGuyMars)
06 Lovin You Right (feat. Stoney Tha Dealer)
07 Decision (feat. Stoney Tha Dealer)
08 Take Me Away (feat. Micah & Stoney Tha Dealer)
09 Everybody Know (feat. A2thaK)
10 Cali Girls Love Trap Music (feat. Stoney Tha Dealer & Gold Franko)
11 Rode Music
12 Cameltoe (feat. Tony P & Bleezy)
13 Ain’t Worried (feat. Iamsu!, Bad Lucc & Stoney Tha Dealer)
14 Wrong (feat. Candice)
15 I Know It (feat. Omarion)
16 50 Shades of Grey
17 I Just Wanna Be Loved (feat. Cashout, Freddie Gibbs & Bad Lucc)
18 Outro
19 Stay Up (feat. Bad Lucc & Manolo Rose) [Bonus Track]
20 Andale (feat. Lil Jon) [Bonus Track]
21 Andale (Radio Version) [feat. Lil Jon] [Bonus Track]


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