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[Mixtape] DJ Paul – Da Light Up, Da Poe Up

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01. Pimptro
02. All I Do
03. Lights Off Music (Skit)
04. Shut It Down
05. 1, 2, 3
06. Got Our Bands Up Feat. Snootie Wild
07. Album Promo
08. Escort Him (Strippers Anthem) Feat. La Chat
09. I Be Bussin
10. Booking Info
11. Lights Off Music (Skit)
12. Crazy
13. Sidewayz Feat. Stitches
14. Live In The Mix Feat. Dorrough Music
15. Turn It Up (Drop)
16. Loud Loud Feat. Lil Wyte
17. Ratchet Feat. Ying Yang Twins, YB Rich Rocka
18. Promo (Skit)
19. How I Got So Wild
20. U Owe Me Feat. Chisanity
21. Website (Skit)
22. Forever Feat. YB Rich Rocka
23. Lil Momma (Make Dat Azz Drop) Feat. Billy Wes
24. Extendos Feat. Boobie Black
25. Loud Loud (Remix) Feat. Lil Wyte
26. DJ Paul Speaks
27. Lord Infamous- Damn I Think I’m Crazed (Remix) Feat. DJ Paul KOM
28. High By Now (Outro)


Mike Hawk
I'm a writer and connoisseur of all types of music. I've been doing this for over 10 years now. Some of my favorite artists include Drake, J. Cole, Jay-Z, Travis Scott and Migos. [email protected]