Migos – “People’s Elbow”

Atlanta rap motormouths have a new song named after the most electrifying move in sports entertainment, and I honestly can’t imagine anything any more in my wheelhouse. “People’s Elbow” is a quick burst of silliness, one that has Quavo rhyming “People’s Elbow” with “there go Elmo,” “Donatello,” and “Bill Cosby Jell-O.” Also: “Pretty bitches show me cameltoes / I’m balling Dubai, riding camels, ho.” And the chorus is all about flushing your drugs down the toilet when Feds show up at your door. It treats it like a dance move or something. The track comes from DJ E. Sudd and DJ Tephlon’s It’s Time 4 mixtape, and you can hear it below.

via Stereogum

Mike Hawk
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