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Michael Brun & Roy English Set New Heights with “Tongue Tied July”

It’s a been a fairly busy summer for Haitian sensation Michael Brun, but an even more “Tongue Tied July” for Roy English.

Summer is slowly coming to a close but that certainly won’t stop Abercrombie & Fitch from playing out this tune year-round; Forthcoming August 7th via his very own label – Michael Brun uncovers to what he claims is his most favorite song he’s ever worked on.

Adding up, Brun modishly recruited unsigned vocalist Roy English (whom you may have heard from Alesso’s “Cool”) to sway and grapple listeners’ ears with ease all while lauding the subtle down-tempo melodic ambiance “Tongue Tied July” serves, making this more than just a silky smooth stress-diffusing track.

By taking a step back, Michael Brun has pushed not only himself but dance music forward.

Most of the time when an artist finds a comfortable niche, they stick to it, rinse and repeat until it’s played out; Progressive will never die (cause it’s always progressing – duh) but as dance music continues to settle within itself through almost every genre and sub-genre of music, it’s only imminent that a style such as “Tongue Tied July” will continue to breathe in fresh air into a space where uniformity and innovation thrive.

“I think (electronic music) is becoming more and more interconnected – all these genres are really melding all into one super-genre where you can do anything you want – and that’s just so exciting if you’re a producer coming up now because it really gives you the freedom to do something new (if you’re willing to take it) – and that’s what electronic music has done for the whole scene – it’s changed the entire landscape of music.” – Michael Brun

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