Metric – “Lie, Lie, Lie”

We’ve already heard a bunch of tracks from Metric’s upcoming sixth album, Pagans In Vegas. “The Shade,” “Cascades,” “Too Bad, So Sad,” and “Fortunes” have all been fine but not great, and this one continues along those lines. Emily Haines captures some of the spunky energy here she had back in the Old World Underground days, or even from more recent cuts like Synthetica’s “Lost Kitten,” but it doesn’t build to much of anything. The band recently announced in an interview that they had a whole other album worth of material to go for next year that sounds like it could be more in line with Haines’ solo work with the Soft Skeleton, so I’m looking forward to that moreso than Pagans In Vegas. Still, it’s a serviceable song — check it out below.

Pagans In Vegas is out 9/18 via MMI/Crystal Math.

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