Memory Tapes – “Fallout”

Dayve Hawk’s musical project Memory Tapes falls squarely into the chillwave designation, the cloudy, destroyed pop subgenre that sparked serious contention during its peak. After what he cites as a series of personal and professional collapses, Hawk is finally back to making music and plans to put out a new full-length album later this year, after scrapping the one he’d been making. Here’s what he said of what he was going through at the time:

I felt pressure to not collapse under my own insecurity with the situation. But with my second daughter becoming a toddler, I’ve found balancing the relationship between my work and my life increasingly difficult. It’s made me question the self-indulgent nature of my music. At a particularly low moment I trashed the entire album I had spent much of the past year working on. I feel like it’s important to just do something and get it out. I’m trying to transition out of my hyper-introverted life.

So at the end of this month he’ll release a two-song digital single, and we’re premiering the first song, “Fallout,” today. Hawk channels Neil Young in vocals that reveal their strain, giving the song a gloomy mood even over bouncy synths and clacking, echoey beats. The frustrated burst of buzzsaw fuzz beginning around 2:34 intensifies the sense of loss and functions as a cathartic release. Listen below.

“Fallout”/”House On Fire” is out 3/31 via Carpark. Pre-order it here for an instant download of “Fallout.”

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