Meek Mill Denies All Nicki Minaj Burglary Claims

Meel responds to rumors claiming he robbed his ex-girlfriend Nicki Minaj.

Meek Shrugs Nicki Minaj Robbery Rumors

This past week, Nicki Minaj‘s home in Los Angeles was burglarized and about $200 000 in items were stolen. Fans were quick to react and point fingers at her ex flame Meek Mill.


The philly native rapper laughed at the accusations as he started to flaunt his jewelry to the TMZ cameras in Houston as to show that he really does not need to be robbing people.


“Do it look like I rob people? I got [$450,000] around my neck, [$80,000] on my wrist, do it look like I rob people?” Meek told the cameras as he rolled down the windows from the backseat of a car.  But he changed his tone when the paparazzi asked he had seen or spoken to Nicki. He responded by saying “You asking too many fucking questions about my personal life, real talk,” as he rolled the windows back up.


Sounds like Meek is not too worried about the situation and it looks like he’s doing just fine without Nicki. Meek was in Houston for a Superbowl party at Life nightclub.

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