Maribou State – “Raincoats”

The first thing we heard from Maribou State producers Chris Davids and Liam Ivory was “Rituals,” a tranquil atmospheric smear of a track spiked with psychedelic guitar, and for “Raincoats” they utilize a similar pastiche of sounds. After the song’s initial wiry framework of synths and thick analog fuzz, various vocal samples flicker in and out like ghosts in an abandoned house. “Raincoats” is just spooky enough to soundtrack a rave held in a graveyard — and just catchy enough to keep you dancing despite your fear. Davids and Ivory make some of the most textural, cohesive electronic music I’ve heard this year, and if you don’t believe me just wait for the elegant strings on the outro. Maribou State deftly combine incongruous sounds together into one gluey, trance-like moment. Listen below.

Portraits will be out 6/1 on Counter.

via Stereogum

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