Marching Church – “King Of Song”

Elias Bender Rønnenfelt is Danish punk group Iceage’s frontman, but before all that he has also been making music as Marching Church for his own solo project. Rønnenfelt is releasing a full-length called This World Is Not Enough at the end of March, and he previously shared “Hungry For Love.” Today we get to hear the second song off the album, “King Of Song.” It shudders and screams across a brass-spiked five minutes, sounding like the tantrum of a telekinetic jazz quartet. Rønnenfelt probably already described the album better than any critic will when he said it’s “eight songs of nocturnal longing, preposterous self-obsession and cockeyed etiquette.” Listen below.

This World Is Not Enough is out 3/31 on Sacred Bones.

via Stereogum

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