Lydia Loveless – “I Would Die 4 U” (Prince Cover)

The Chicago-based label Bloodshot will be releasing a pair of Prince covers by Lydia Loveless and Cory Branan on purple vinyl for Record Store Day. “I Would Die 4 U” happens to be my favorite Prince song — my mom and I used to play it on her turntable, and when I moved to New York she allowed me to take the Purple Rain LP as a parting gift — so I’m pleased to say that this cover holds up. Cory Branan recorded a rendition of “Under The Cherry Moon” from the 1986 Prince film of the same name. According to NPR’s All Songs Considered, last year Bloodshot announced that they would bring 21 artists together to compile a “roughed-up roots take” of Prince’s music to be pressed on “purple swirl colored double vinyl LP set” as an April Fool’s joke. When fans found out that those were empty promises, they were purportedly pretty pissed, so fortunately the joke will come to life now at least in part. Listen to Loveless’ cover of “I Would Die 4 U” below.

The split will be out 4/18 (Record Store Day) via Bloodshot.

via Stereogum

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