Los Colognes – “Golden Dragon Hut” (First Listen)

Los Colognes are a bluesy folk-rock six-piece who lean hard on Dire Straits’ back catalog and used to earn their keep in Nashville by performing as a backing band for solo artists in need of a full band. One such artist in need was Caitlin Rose, who introduced me to Los Colognes’ loose, jazzy flow during a live show at the Savannah Stopover Festival a few years ago. We introduced the group’s second album, intuitively titled Dos, with
“Backseat Driver,” and they’ve also shared the jaunty kiss-off “Baby, You Can’t Have Both.” Before their album comes out this Friday, 9/4, they’ve decided to put one more track out into the world, the luminescent apathy of “Golden Dragon Hut.” This one goes out to every single creative person who has ever whiled away their hours at a dead-end service job to make ends meet. You are not alone, and yes, it gets better. Listen below.

Dos is out 9/4 via Theory 8.

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