Los Angeles Police Department – “Insecurity” Video (First Listen)

Back when I interviewed Los Angeles Police Department last year, Ryan Pollie told me about some problems he he was having with a girl at the time. He ended up writing “Insecurity” about her, a song that showed up on his 7-inch from earlier this year. The track is about someone who consistently treats you like shit, but you don’t feel good enough about yourself to stand up and stop it — you just hope that it will get better. The video for “Insecurity” takes that feeling to the extreme. Pollie gets stabbed, drowned, and hung on a cross by a girlfriend, and he just sits back and takes it without a struggle. You can tell he’s horrified by what he’s allowing to happen to himself, but he’s powerless to change. Watch below.

The “Insecurity”/”Water & Vine” 7-inch is out now via Fat Possum.

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