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Listen to Strung Out’s New Album, ‘Transmission.Alpha.Delta’

Photo: Rick Kosick

Strung Out have always been able to ride borders between genres, combining the fastest elements of skate punk, metal, and sure, maybe a bit of prog rock. But the long-running Cali band has been relatively silent over the last half-decade or so. Now, they’ve emerged with Transmission.Alpha.Delta, their first new album in six years.

Transmission.Alpha.Delta largely avoids the influence of any trends affecting either punk or metal over the last six years and is distinctly Strung Out’s own sound. Still relying on those ripping metal riffs, still rocking the melodic punk choruses, still speeding through basslines, still being Strung Out.

Transmission.Alpha.Delta is out this week from Fat Wreck Chords. You can listen to the whole thing below.

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