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Listen to Soda Bomb’s Shoulder-Shruggingly Good Album ‘Wanna Jam?’

Soda Bomb are self-described wasted degenerates from Long Island, NY. That sort of self-effacing shit-talk kicks in immediately on their new album, Wanna Jam?, and its first track “Look Ma, I Majored in House Parties.”

“Another life of hit and miss, another wasted degenerate,” goes the opening chorus. The four-piece keeps that apathetic lowlife attitude rolling for nine more songs like “Grump” and “Nobody Likes My Band.” Soda Bomb play the kind of fuzzed out rock that you and your friends might play in your parents’ basement—the one with the pool table in it that no one uses. Except they do it much, much better. They ride a perfect line between aggression, humor, and plain ol’ indifference. Never has feeling meh sounded so fucking good.

Rip through this album the next time you’re hanging out with your fellow shoulder-shrugging pals, eating nachos, playing Mario Party, and thinking about how little any of the shit going on in the world matters. Oh, and there’s a drumset and some guitars, wanna jam?

Listen below and order it here.

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