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Listen to “Changin’ Ways” from Richmond, VA Psychedelic Rockers Sinister Haze

Photo courtesy of Sinister Haze

Richmond, VA is home to so many killer bands and talented musicians that it's no wonder that basically every new band that forms down that way turns into a supergroup by default. Case in point: Sinister Haze is a metal/punk hybrid gone rogue, made up of members of Cough, Balaclava, and Dry Spell. The former's low-slung riffs and smoky atmosphere feature heavily in Sinister Haze thanks to vocalist and Cough guitarist Brandon Marcey, but there's also a cosmic fuck-ton of hollowed-out wails, psychedelia, and acid-washed rock'n'roll in there to keep spacier 'heads happy.

Sinister Haze's most recent demo was released on CD by Unholy Anarchy in 2013, but the band's new EP Betrayed By Time will now be available on 180-gram red swirl vinyl via Heavy Slab Records next month. Preorder it from the band or from the label, and check out the trippy vibes of "Changin' Ways" below:

Sinister Haze is hitting the road next month on their way to play the Psycho California fest, and will be crossing paths with the likes of US Christmas, Today is the Day, Generation of Vipers, Conan, and more. Lock your doors and hide your keys, they just might be rolling through your town…


4/28 Richmond Va @ Strange Matter w/ US Christmas, Generation of Vipers

4/29 Durham NC @ Motor City Music Hall w/ US Christmas, Generation of Vipers

4/30 Johnson City NC @ The Hideaway w/ US Christmas, Generation of Vipers & Torch Runner

5/1 Knoxville TN @ Poison Lawn w/ Torch Runner

5/2 Atlanta GA @ 529 w/ Irreversible (Final Show), Order of the Owl

5/3 New Orleans @ Siberia w/ Today is the Day

5/4 New Orleans @ Sisters in Christ

5/5 Houston TX @ Fitzgerald's w/ Today Is The Day

5/6 Austin TX @ Mohawk 

5/7 San Antonio @ Hi Tones 

5/8 Austin TX @ The Lost Well w/ Conan

5/11 Amarillo TX @ Yellow City Bomb Shelter

5/12 Albuquerque NM @ Moonlight Lounge

5/13 Tempe/Phoenix AZ @ Yucca Tap Room w/ Sorxe and Goya

5/16 Psycho California Festival 

5/18 Oakland CA @ Golden Bull

5/20 Denver CO @ Barbar

5/21 Omaha NB @ O'Leavers

5/22 Minneapolis MN @ Hexagon Bar

5/23 Milwuakee WI @ Quarters

5/24 Chicago IL @ LiveWire Lounge

5/25 Detroit MI @ Corktown Tavern

5/26 Pittsburgh PA @ 31st St. Pub 

Kim Kelly is super bummed that Psycho California is so close to Maryland Deathfest; she's contemplating selling a kidney on Twitter: @grimkim

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