Lianne La Havas – “Green & Gold”

Lianne La Havas stares down her heritage on “Green & Gold,” all while coming to terms with her present and contemplating her future. It’s the latest track from her upcoming sophomore album, Blood, and it continues the soulful shimmy of earlier singles “Unstoppable” and “What You Don’t Do.” “Six years old staring at my nose in the mirror,” La Havas begins. “Trying to dip my toes in the mirror/ Thinking, ‘Who’s that girl and does the mirror world go on forever?” She proceeds to document the rest of her life, “dreaming of the green and gold” and affirming that “suddenly it seems that I’m where I’m supposed to be.” She looks outward at the reflections and refractions of different iterations of ourselves, spread out across time. Listen below.

Blood is out 7/31 via Warner Bros.

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