Le1f – “Koi” Video

New York rapper Le1f makes club music for future-clubs, so it’s cool to see him working with SOPHIE, the great PC Music affiliate who also makes (very different) weird, futuristic dance music that sounds like it belongs in the year 2025. “Koi” is the first single from Le1f’s upcoming debut full-length Riot Boi, and it’s pretty much exactly what you’d hope and expect a song from these two to be. Le1f oozes confidence and charisma as he raps about dismissing the advances of a lame guy over SOPHIE’s rubbery candy-explosion of a beat, with SOPHIE’s trademark female robo-vocals declaring “I’m sorry, well not really, but you and me will never be, that’s the way that it goes.” The video, directed by Simon Ward, features Le1f and a bunch of friends dancing around in colorful outfits while giant bubbles, mouths, googly eyes, and fish float around the screen. Le1f seriously doesn’t know how to make a bad video, so you should definitely watch below.

Riot Boi is coming this fall via Terrible. Pre-order it at iTunes.

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