Laura Marling – “Strange”

Laura Marling has a new haircut, and a new album coming out toward the end of the month. The haircut is seemingly irrelevant, but pair Marling’s new look with the bare-boned, intimate new recordings that we’ve heard from her, and it seems like a transformation worth noting. All three of the singles that we’ve heard off Short Movie lack the inflated production found on 2013’s Once I Was An Eagle. Instead, they’re galloping, frenzied, and totally dominated by Marling’s impressive acoustic finger-picking. On “Strange,” Marling’s words never run together, but they sound like they’re playing catch-up, as if she is forming these realizations seconds before avoiding a catastrophe. We originally heard Marling debut “Strange” in London back in February, but the recorded version is even more arresting and feverish. Listen below.

Short Movie is out 3/23 in the UK via Virgin EMI and 3/24 in the U.S. via Ribbon.

via Stereogum

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