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Laura Marling – “I Feel Your Love”

Laura Marling’s voice is electrifying even when it’s subdued. Her precise, powerful phrases hit like lightning bolts before rescinding behind layers of expertly-picked acoustic guitar. On “I Feel Your Love” she builds a silo from her lover’s favor, cloaking herself in it like a physical manifestation, until what was once a comfort becomes a cloying, inescapable trap. Marling writes love songs that harbor dark underbellies ready to show their cruel fierceness at any moment. This one goes belly up in a thundering, desperate rush of strings and a repressed rage against being penned in. “I Feel Your Love” is the third single off her new album Short Movies, and it gallops along with the same wry, beautiful bleakness as “Short Movie” and “False Hope.” Listen below.

Short Movie is out 3/24 on Ribbon in the US, 3/23 on Virgin EMI in the UK.

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