Låpsley – “Hurt Me”

Låpsley’s come a long way from the tentative, glitchy whispers she made in her bedroom on “Station” and her debut Monday EP, but she hasn’t lost the spark for vulnerability. Even against a more lush background, her sincerity shines through on “Hurt Me,” her latest one-off single that comes out today. (Earlier this month, we heard the B-side “Burn.”) The track begs for feeling, even if it’s a bad one, and the ticking clock of a beat in the background makes everything just a little bit more urgent. The output in her new XL home has been all about a gentle expansion of her sound, and “Hurt Me” is another stepping stone to whatever Låpsley’s end goal may be. Listen below.

Låpsley’s “Hurt Me” b/w “Burn” single is out now via XL.

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