Laced – “Clear”

Dustin Payseur got his start with Beach Fossils back during peak chillwave but, since they haven’t released an album since 2013, he’s been busy with a number of side projects: He co-founded the very promising Bayonet Records, he put out an album as as Flouride with Herzog Rising’s Rene Nuñez, and now he’s getting ready to start another project called Laced. It’s made up of Payseur, Warthog/Nude Beach’s Ryan Naideau, and Couple Skate Records co-founder Ian Judd. They’ll put out their debut EP at the end of the year, which was recorded at Mac DeMarco’s Rockaway home — reminder: you can still visit — and today, they’ve shared “Clear,” a jagged edge of a punk song with a strong melodic backbone. Listen to it below.

Laced’s self-titled debut is out 10/30 via Bayonet Records.

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