Knife Pleats – “One Step Too Far” & “Terrible”

Rose Melberg is an indie-pop veteran. She’s swirled around the DIY scene for years and played in various twee-leaning bands in both the Bay Area and Vancouver, including Tiger Trap, Go Sailor, and the Softies. After a recent stint as a solo artist, she’s back with a new band, having recruited Love Cuts members Kaity McWhinney and Tracey Vath and drummer Gregor Phillips for her latest project, Knife Pleats. Melberg has one of those sweetly honeyed and deeply melodic voices that burrows straight into the pleasure centers of your brain, and it’s the kind of thing that sounds completely familiar but also completely amazing atop some vocal harmonies and pleasantly fuzzy guitar lines. That’s exactly what Knife Pleats are offering on their first two tracks, “One Step Too Far” and “Terrible,” and you can hear them below via Exclaim.

Their debut album Hat Mark Beach is out 9/9 (which is also Melberg’s birthday) via Lost Sound Tapes.

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