King Cyst – “Chinese Wind”

Remember in Anchorman when Will Ferrell starts talking about playing the “yazz flute”? Your reaction to that scene will probably determine how you’ll feel about King Cyst. The Brooklyn group started out as a mostly instrumental Doors tribute band, and their first album was called Real Pussy, so none of their sardonic posturing on “Chinese Wind” should come as a surprise.

Luka Usmiani’s laconic drawl would be a Lou Reed impression if it wasn’t so decidedly his own, one of those voices that seems to convey the speaker’s very character in its rises and falls. With its saxophones, flutes, snippets of laugh-track level fake laughter, and Usmiani’s side-of-the-mouth one-liners, “Chinese Wind” is a ’70s relic rewound and reprogrammed for the future. Listen below.

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King of New York will be out this summer via Underwater Peoples.

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